Misingpiece Deri Apple Magic Mouse Kılıfı


Deri Apple Magic Mouse Kılıfı

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This hand crafted Apple Magic Mouse Kılıfı,  Apple Magic Mouse kullanımı için ideal bir yapıya sahiptir.

Deri mouse kılıfı imalatında fitalat içermeyen deri kullanılmıştır.
Deri Apple Magic Mouse Kılıfı lastiklidir.
Bu sayede mouse rahatça kılıfa yerleştirebilir ve istenildiğinde çıkartılabilir.

Bu deri mouse kılıfı sayesinde mouse çizilmeye ve yıpranmaya karşı korunmuş olur.

Apple Magic Mouse Kılıfıis hand sewn.



** Siparişlerinizde, isim, tarih, baş harfler ya da logonuz lazer ile işlenebilmektedir. Bu detay için, kişiselleştirme bölümünü doldurmanız yeterlidir.


Bu deri kılıf el emeği olduklarından ürünlerde ufak tefek farklılıklar olabilmektedir.

Tüm siparişleriniz, ürüne özel kutular ile, özenilerek paketlenmektedir, ne de olsa her “an” özeldir. Biz de siparişinizi açarken “an”ın büyüsüne kendinizi kaptırın istedik…

We cannot offer refunds or exchanges on items which undergo customization. Individualized item belongs to you and it is unique in this world, just like you...


Bulk Order

You can place a bulk order with customization options like engraving your company logo. Please click here to contact us.


Our Story

As we run through life at an intense pace, we may become pawns of our own routines. When we have a break and look around we feel better. In this beautiful turmoil of life, anything that can put a little smile to our face, is so precious… Creativity has no limits; that is the best part of it. We can come across something new at any moment and thanks to these new designs, we can enjoy such dear moments with a pretty smile on our face. All these products are here to complete our missing parts and make us smile. With this brand, we strive to create the “missing piece” that we think can make life easier.

By the way, in all of my products if the material allows, you will find a tiny logo in the form of a puzzle which represents the process. That tiny piece was cut out with laser and carefully removed from where it belongs, thus it represents the Misingpiece brand.

PS: "Misingpiece" (with the single "s"). Despite the grammatically correct spelling of "missing piece", in order to better reflect the meaning of that "missing piece" one "s" has been dropped. 🙂


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