As we run through life at an intense pace, we may become pawns of our own routines. When we have a break and look around we feel better. In this beautiful turmoil of life, anything that can put a little smile to our face, is so precious… Creativity has no limits; that is the best part of it. We can come across something new at any moment and thanks to these new designs, we can enjoy such dear moments with a pretty smile on our face. All these products are here to complete our missing parts and make us smile. With this brand, I strive to create the “missing piece” that I think can make life easier.

   By the way, in all of my products if the material allows, you will find a tiny logo in the form of a puzzle which represents the process. That tiny piece was cut out with laser and carefully removed from where it belongs, thus it represents the Misingpiece brand.

   PS: "Misingpiece" (with the single "s"). Despite the grammatically correct spelling of "missing piece", in order to better reflect the meaning of this concept one "s" has been dropped.

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